Weaving Portfolio

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This is a point twill fabric I wove for the Pensic Gift Basket 2011.




Weaving Not Pictured

My first tablet weaving project was a draft taken from Collingwood's Techniques of Tablet Weaving. It was a basic threaded in undulating pattern done in my colours, purple, green and gold! I'm sure there are a few projects I've forgotten along the way, but some of the projects I do remember in no particular order follow. I have woven 3 squire belts two tablet woven straight twill and one in the same straight twill in hand spun silk (spun by Lady Nghuala) and dyed in madder (after the weaving) over the campfire at Lilies War (can't even begin to remember which one). This project inspired me to spin (using a spinning wheel) the thread for a later project.

This project was a replica of Viking trim found at Birka. The trim was woven on two holes in the pattern area, as Collingwood indicated the original was done. The empty holes were used to allow the weft to show through creating a diamond style pattern (this is difficult to explain I'll post a graphic in a later update). The warp thread was S spun, as per Collingwood and the weft Z spun and S plied. The weft was died a nice yellow using onion skins and the red madder. I used onion skins for the yellow as pigment analysis failed to determine what was used by the Vikings to produce a yellow colour and Onion skins were essentially free, being a first year teacher at the time this was a convincing argument!

Trim and ties were the staple of my weaving for some time. I have woven more trim than I could possible remember. Two bits of inkle trim were woven in gold and green and gold and maurueen. I wove a series of ties for various Persian coats over the years. When Countess Margaret was the Heir to the Calon throne, I made a few Bliauts for attending her during the reign. Each of the 4 Bliauts has it's own hand woven lacing, which really gives them a great feel.