"St. Knut's Cover"

Submitted by Jahanara on Sun, 08/01/2021 - 11:59
Time Period
12th C AD
Weave Structure
Z spun silk
Loosley spun silk

Sett: 45 epcm

Pattern Unit: 65 cm wide by 82 cm high

Textile fragment: 133 cm wide x 110 cm high

Twill direction: S

This textile is elieve to be present by Knut's wido, Queen Ethele to cover his shrine. The cover is still in Knut's shrine in Odense Cathedral, Denmark. The cloth has an Eagle, head facing right in a desries of roundel with touch each other. There is another patterned roundel at each point where 2 roundels meet. In the space between roundels is another round patterned figure.