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Testing CKEditor and Media Upload

 We are in the process of learning more about Drupal 7. Please excuse my tests of various media uploaders. We need to use CKEditor and Add Media on our sites! This is what I recommend for Drupalists over IMCE. IMCE make the task of uploading media take 10 clicks, instead of add Meida's 5 clicks, which includes resizing . he media.


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Testing openWYSIWYG


Fill in this form if you wish to enter a Kingdom A&S Competition or the yearlong Royal Artisan Competition.

Family Hoods

Damask Samples

These are the first samples I have produced on my drawloom. It took me ages to get my drawloom set up, but now that it is ready to go I'm cruising along and having a lot of fun! Here are my samples so far. I will come back and write more about each one soon!

Web Work

Hello everyone,

I have been fairly busy with the wedding this week. However, I took part of today off to work on this website. I'm working on more efficient ways to get photos into posts and pages. I hope this will help me provide you the reader with even more information!

Fibre East

I attended Fibre East yesterday! This was the first year for Fibre East, so it was still small. Despite it's modest beginnings, the event proved go have many great vendors. I dis not significantly increase my stash, but did make some nice purchases. I bought a few gorgeous yarns from I also picked up brochures from many other venders to keep for reference. This is very important for me as I work through my UK WSD Certificate of Achievement.

Teaching on Weavolution!

I’ve started teaching classes on Weavolution! This is a great venue for teachers and students. Weavolution uses WebEx to allow teachers and students around the world, literally, to come together for weaving classes! I’ve joined a few classes and they have worked quit well! Anyone with an internet connection now has access to a myriad of classes via Weavolution. Weavolution costs nothing to join. The classes are on a fee basis, but are very reasonably priced, usually about $30/hour. My next class is Color and Weave.


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